A Headhunter’s guide was born out of Eric Freedman’s 20+ year career as an executive search consultant aka “Headhunter”.  In those 20+ years, Eric found that the vast majority of people he worked with were not well versed in navigating the job search and interviewing process and more importantly they didn’t seem to feel comfortable and confident with how to address the various nuisances of the undertaking.  Because of this, Eric would spend time with each person to coach and mentor them through the job search, interviewing and hiring process.  IN the early days, Eric would rewrite candidate resumes to help them highlight their relevant skills and experience that weren’t shown on paper but were revealed after an initial discussion.  Through these experiences of helping folks hands on with all elements of the job search, coaching became a passion and the most enjoyable part of the “job”, that is to help educate and provide encouragement throughout the entire exercise.  In addition, while helping the candidates, it became clear that many of hiring authorities had to be “hand held” through the interviewing and hiring process as they had never been given any formal training or guidance on interviewing, timing, negotiating or extending offers.

All of the material you will find on this site; be it one of our books, podcasts or classes, comes from direct and hands on feedback and experience from Eric’s thousands of interviews with clients and candidates throughout the entire talent acquisition and placement process.  You will benefit from real life stories and applicable successes and failures that you will be able to use to enhance your own experience in the process, wherever you are in it today.